Siniscola is located at the foot of the Mount Albo, a few kilometers

from the Tyrrenian sea coast, in nort-eastern Sardinia.


With a population of over 12,000 inhabitants, Siniscola is the most

important town in Baronia, the historical region it belongs to, and

also in the whole province, after the capital Nuoro, 48 km away.


The town hosts several public facilities, banks, supermarkets, shops (also handicraft

shops), restaurants, trattorias and pizzerias. You won't miss the delicacies of the

local gastronomy, from hand-made pasta to roasted meat, from freshly caught fish,

to Sardinian sweets, to pecorino and goat cheese. Not forgetting to taste "sa pompìa"

Latin name "citrus monstruosa", a citrus fruit typical of Siniscola, from which a

delicious candied fruit is obtained, but also a jam and a fragrant liqueur.


In the old part of town there are several chuches, among them the parish

of San Giovanni Battista, completely decorated with frescoes. Inside, an

ancient tablet curiously reports the footprints and the height of Jesus.

The most popular feasts, besides the patronal festival (June 21st),

are the Madonna delle Grazie (2nd Sunday in October),

The Holy Week, with the ritual called "S'Incontru",

and Sant'Antonio (January 16th), with a huge bonfire.