Mount Albo

With its majesty, which reminds of the Dolomites, the calcareous block

of the Mount Albo is a constant reference point in the landscape.


The mountain rises up just outside the town of Siniscola,

but its ridge, which extends for no less than 13 Km, can be easily

reached from the opposite slope, first following the road that climbs

from town, then walking up the pathways that rise up on the steep ridge.

The ridge has an average height of over 1,000 meters: from the top

you can enjoy the magnificent landscape of a great part of the north-east coast,

with a view that sweeps from the island of Tavolara, to the mountains of the Gallura,

of the Logudoro and the Goceano region, until the Supramonte and the Gennargentu.


The Mount Albo is an important biodiversity reserve, with several rare and endemical species:

with a bit of luck you can spot even the mufflon, the wild king of the mountain.

The mountain shows its magic in every season, but the best time for hiking is spring with its blossoms.


However, the most charming moment is maybe in those rare

winter days in which the mountain is covered by a white blanket.