The proposed itineraries are all places of interest located

in the province and can be reached in less than one hour by car.

Thanks to the beauty of our land, this can be only a small selection.

For space reasons, we can give only few suggestions:

several other places would have deserved equal attention.



The closest village, about 5 Km away, is Posada. The ancient village of medieval

origin is dominated by the remains of the Fava castle, from whose tower

one can enjoy a magnificent view until the sea over the plane below.



The nuraghe of San Pietro (about 9 Km away) has a complex structure. Consisting of no less

than five towers, it dates back to the bronze age, over 3,500 years ago.



The "tomba dei giganti" (giants' grave) S'ena 'e Thomes (about 28 Km away),

plunged into the bushes of the macchia, dates back to the same age.

It is a typical collective burial from the nuragic age.



Also the "domus de janas" (houses of the fairies) are prehistorical monuments

used for burial, but they are dated back to a pre-nuragic age, which means to over 4,000 years ago.

This one, carved in granite, is called "Sa conca 'e mortu", which means "the skull" (about 35 Km away).



Almost at the top of the mountain Tuttavista, "Sa petra istampata" (about 40 Km away)

is a huge window open towards the gulf of Orosei and the sharp reliefs of the Barbagia region.



San Pietro in the town of Onanì (about 40 Km), dating back to the 12th century,

is one of the most ancient Romanesque churches in Sardinia and also one of the smallest and nicest.